Award Winning Film

In 2005, Isomorphic innovated ways to use real environments to create “Assisted Living”.  The film won the top prizes and audience awards at Slamdance, Woodstock, Gen Art, and Savannah and was featured in NYTimes Magazine, NPR, The Charlie Rose Show.  "Assisted Living" opening weekend at the Angelica was the highest per screen average in New York.

"One of the strongest debuts for a young American indie moviemaker in several years." 

— Chicago Tribune

"A transforming, moving experience."

— The New Yorker

"Authentically unconventional — deeply affecting." 

— Los Angeles Times

"Greenebaum is an alchemist…a magical film."

— Indiewire

Award Winning Campaigns

Isomorphic produced award winning advocacy spots for clients like ROCK THE VOTE, Accountable America, and two U.S. Senate races.  The company garnered two national awards for its web content.

In the 2008 primary, an unknown candidate, Greg Fischer went from 3% to 29% in three weeks after Isomorphic began airing TV spots.   

"Elliot's intense customer focus and creativity is a rare combination."
- Greg Fischer, Mayor Of Louisville

Corporate videos

Isomorphic developed a method to scale and cross pollinate corporate video production across sales, recruitment, client testimonials, and internal videos.  


In preparation for going public, Opower hired Isomorphic to create 13 cutting edge videos at a cost of 40% less than a comparable per video approach.