Isomorphic helps equip, train and empower companies and organizations.

Isomorphic is an award-winning film production company and video marketing consultancy that helps clients grow high-end, persuasive film content libraries that leverage film's unique strengths: its power to show, demonstrate and prove.  For the last decade, Isomorphic has stayed true to that focus across its work for business and the non-profit and political sectors — and the results for these clients are quantifiable increases in sales, fundraising, employee recruitment, and audience engagement.


Clients need four types
of video.

Given that technology is becoming more friendly, Isomorphic helps build the roadmap so companies can create their own films.  Isomorphic writes and designs film campaigns to have natural overlaps in production, saving clients an average of 40% the cost they would pay with a piecemeal approach to the same content.  Once these films are produced, new material can be uploaded from the client  to Isomorphic, for iterative improvements on current films.








Every second of high quality video can contain 30 to 60 still images. If properly handled, this yields clients better, more affecting web and marketing art. 

rock the vote

Isomorphic's original work has won four national awards and boasts a 90% completion rate on the web. In the case of our TV spots, our commercials lifted US Senate candidate Greg Fischer from 3% in the polls to 31% in the 3 weeks following the airing of the ads and our web spots have won two national awards. For business marketing, our web content averages a completion rate of over 65% per viewing.  

Elliot’s intense customer focus and creativity is a rare combination.
— Greg Fischer | Mayor of Louisville
The company showed great command while creating the Clinton and Governors’ endorsement was a high stakes situation and we were relieved to have them.
— Achim Bergman | Campaign Manager, Bruce Lunsford for US Senate
Isomorphic brings world class film talent and business intellect and I would highly recommend them.
— Ogi Kavazovic | VP of Marketing & Strategy, OPOWER
Isomorphic gave us a clear, powerful, inspiring tool that has helped us double our capacity and membership over the last five years.
— Robert Quinn | Founder Scholars At Risk


Isomorphic was founded by filmmaker Elliot Greenebaum. Elliot has lectured on filmmaking at NYU, USC, UCLA, Amherst College
and New York University School of Social Work. Elliot works for his film and marketing clients from his office in Brooklyn.