Isomorphic is an award-winning film production company that leverages film's unique strength to show, demonstrate and prove.  Clients have included Rock The Vote, Flatiron Health, NYU Medical, Accountable America, Scholars At Risk, Farm Forward, Opower, and American Electric Power.  Its approach has garnered attention on National Public Radio, the Huffington Post, Public Radio International, The Charlie Rose Show, Drudge Report, the New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, BuzzFeed, and the Guardian.   









"With Elliot I don't even have to have a good idea to get a great video. It's basically guaranteed it will be great." Ogi Kavazovic | Senior VP, Marketing, Flatiron


"If you are looking for a film company that can show the human dimension and relationships associated with your product, then I can’t think of any film company that is better at doing that." Dan Yates | Former CEO, Opower


"Elliot integrated with our team at an early phase and we expect to work with him for a long time.  He can make the most boring business-to-business content feel genuine and human." Bryan Bennett | CEO, Cortex

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"Elliot created one of the funniest and best and most timely ads for my group and it earned us a lot of attention." Tom Matzzie | Former Communications Director,


"Elliot’s intense customer focus and creativity is a rare combination.  I highly recommend Isomorphic to any marketing team that wants to make campaigns that get noticed."  Greg Fischer | Mayor of Louisville

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"The company showed great command while creating the Clinton and Governors' endorsement spots ... it was a high-stakes situation and we were relieved to have them." Achim Bergman | Campaign Manager


"A transforming, moving experience. Greenebaum pays reverent attention to the lives of the aged." 


"Greenebaum's debut is one of the strongest for a young American indie moviemaker in several years."


"While most recent American independent films grasp for Hollywood slick, few embody genuine offbeat charm. Assisted Living evolves into something deeply affecting." 


"Greenebaum is an alchemist, combining real moments and real people, and what ensues is a magical film."

Isomorphic's original work has won six national awards, including Best Ad Of The Year from the AAPC, and boasts a 90% completion rate on the web. In the case of our TV spots, our commercials lifted US Senate candidate Greg Fischer from 3% in the polls to 31% in the 3 weeks following the airing of the ads and our web spots have won two national awards. For business marketing, our web content averages a completion rate of over 65% per viewing.  




Every second of high quality video can contain 30 to 60 still images for affecting web and marketing art. 

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Isomorphic saves clients an average of 40% the typical cost for all four types of films.  We accomplish this by planning film campaigns that capture multiple types of content during the same days of production, thus scaling each day's costs to generate multiple types of marketing content.






Isomorphic was founded by filmmaker Elliot Greenebaum. Elliot has lectured on filmmaking at NYU, USC, UCLA, Amherst College
and New York University School of Social Work. Elliot works for his film and marketing clients from his office in Brooklyn.